KapStone Paper Company

This is KapStone Paper Company’s new advertising campaign designed to encourage consumers to “choose paper” at the grocery store.   

Atkins Ad Group worked with KapStone’s employee team to develop the campaign that is running in local newspapers, magazine publications, and as part of a direct mail piece.   The group also designed a trade show display that coincides with the ad campaign. 

KapStone Kraft Paper Corporation in Roanoke Rapids employs over 500 people. 

Paper is one of the few truly “green” or sustainable products and the forest products and paper industry is an integral part of our nation’s green job base, generating approximately six percent of total US manufacturing GDP.  In 2008, 57.4 percent of the paper consumed in the U.S. was recovered for recycling. Building on that success, the paper industry has set a 60 percent goal for 2012

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