Kapstone Salutes Veterans

Kapstone – Roanoke Rapids, NC wanted to honor its employees who have served our country.  Atkins Ad Group created this ad for Veteran’s Day.  Photography by les atkins Photography.


Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 4.53.39 PM


Iluka Safety Campaign

Atkins Ad Group is the agency of record for Iluka’s North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee operations.  Atkins Ad Group designed a series of posters that are displayed throughout the company’s worksites.

Photography: les atkins Photography Creative: Michele Lilly

Roanoke Rapids Savings Bank

Creative: Michele Lilly

Atkins Ad Group is the agency of record for Roanoke Rapids Savings Bank. This ad campaign was developed to encourage potential customers to make the switch to Roanoke Rapids Savings Bank to save money on banking associated fees.

Iluka Brochure

The Atkins Ad Group is the agency of record for Iluka Resources. This is an 11×17 folded brochure that we developed for Iluka’s North Carolina operation.

KapStone Paper Earth Day Celebration

This ad was designed by Atkins Ad Group Creative Director Michele Lilly for KapStone Paper Company’s Earth Day Celebration. KapStone which is one of the larger employers in Roanoke Rapids, NC utilizes the Atkins Ad Group for all of its advertising campaigns.

Roanoke Canal Museum 1960s Event

This is a poster for the upcoming 1960s weekend at the Roanoke Canal Museum.
The museum utilizes traditional and interactive exhibits to explain how the original canal – with its locks, culverts, and massive aqueduct – was built and turned the Roanoke River into a superhighway of commerce during the early 19th century.
The museum, which is located in Roanoke Rapids, also has many activities for children and a large outdoor area for picnics and social gatherings.

Atkins Ad Group Logo Design

These are some of our recent logo design.  Your logo represents the image that your customers will remember.   The image of your business depends on a logo design that is polished and distinctive.  At the Atkins Ad Group, we walk you through the process to ensure your design will evoke the emotional response to attract the right customers for your business.

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